Bible Bowl

2017 Bible Bowl Study Material

“My eyes are ever toward the Lord…”

Psalms 25:15a

In our current times, when it would be easy to be distracted by cares of this world, God’s word speaks and tells us that our eyes should be focused on the Lord.

Bible Bowl 2017 will center on some trying times throughout God’s word when someone had to keep their FOCUS on God.  The world is constantly looking for some type of escape..looking to the left and the right for some way out of their current situation.  Let us, as Christians, know that God is our way of escape and so much more.   Let’s take a journey into the word of God and look at some accounts that help to reaffirm that God is the way maker.  Our hope is that our teams that take time to study the scriptures will hide this message in their hearts.  Be encouraged, the accounts you will examine are not Sunday School Fairy Tales.  They are real; real people, real situations and the hand of a real and mighty God can be seen in each one.  Please take to time to examine each of the following accounts…

Genesis 6:8 - 9:17

Genesis 37, 39, 40-45

I Samuel 17

I Kings 17

Daniel 3, 6

The Book of Jonah

Mark 5

John 9

Acts 16:16-40


In times of trouble it is reassuring to have uplifting words stored away in your heart to encourage yourself in the Lord.  Please take the time to study from...

Psalms 25, 34, 46, 63 & 86


Lastly, could you lead someone down the path of ultimate escape from the weight of this world?  Would you be able to draw upon scriptures to help a friend find salvation?  In an effort to equip each of you with an arsenal of life-changing, life-saving words, please study out the following scriptures in Romans.  The verses appear in the order commonly known as the Romans Road to Salvation...

Romans 3:23

Romans 6:23

Romans 5:8

Romans 10:9-10

Romans 5:1

BPYC Bible Bowl Rules

1. The King James Version of the Bible will be used to make each question. Answers are expected to be given in KJV wording.

2. Teams should consist of 4 to 6 players; however, churches that do not have 4 players are still eligible to compete.

3. Only 4 players can play at one time, due to the buzzer system.

4. Churches may have more than 1 team, but each team should be a full team. (no churches with 3 on one team and 3 on another. The only exception is if there is not enough to make one full team of 4 to 6 players. Please see rule 2.)

5. Each team must have 1 player give a testimony, praise report, etc., at the end of the 10th question.

6. The final decision about the correctness of an answer is up to the judges, and should not be disputed.

7. Every question is a toss-up and will be read aloud completely twice, before time begins.

8. After the question is read twice, the teams will then have 10 seconds to buzz in and answer.

9. If a team buzzes in before the question is read completely for the first time, the questions cannot be repeated for that team.

10. If an early buzz in results in an incorrect answer, the opposing team will get to hear the question in its entirety twice and then given the chance to answer.

11. If there is a tie at the end of the round, 5 overtime questions will be given.

12. If there is still a tie at the end of 5 overtime questions, the team that scores first in the second round of overtime will be declared the winner.

Written Scripture Test

1. The written test is available to any BPYC camper who is registered as of the first day of camp.

2. The written test could consist of multiple choice, fill in the blank, quoted scripture, and short-answer questions on the books that are also being studied for the current year's BPYC Bible Bowl.

3. Awards will be given to the top-scoring campers.

4. Each camper participating in the Written Scripture Test will earn "Rock" points for their church.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

-James & Amy Carrier

Directors of Education

If you have a question regarding this year's Bible Bowl information or rules, please email us here.